The Simple Mindset Shift That Removes The Pressure Instantly

The Simple Mindset Shift That Removes The Pressure Instantly

Do you ever find yourself questioning,  “What if I am not good enough?”

You are not alone as many of us find ourselves here as well when things get tough and we are in new scenarios.

One phrase we have in CINCH that helps take the pressure off and create confidence is to say “I am Here to Give, Not to Take."

In business, life, and cycling it is especially harsh as you are always around measurements of your success. How much money you are making, what your competition is achieving, how successful are your peers, and of course, the dreaded race results sheet showing you how far behind you are!

However, these comparisons are really the most disruptive things a person can look at if they’re trying to improve. There are so many variables that go into each person’s story a true comparison cannot even be made. The majority of those factors that each person deals with as well as their history puts them in a completely different perspective than your own.

Let’s look primarily at sport now at how it can steer us towards trying to meet or beat performance expectations.  PR times to hit, power to hold, and past averages can influence us to give up mid effort because we are afraid of falling short.  

Athletes more often than not let competition and performance expectations negatively influence their mindset, their training, and even their fundamental love of the sport.

What if you took all the competitors and performance expectations out of the equation? What if you took these expectations out of your life and business?

What if you centered your belief on your effort that is part of your own proven process. By doing this you immediately shed comparing yourself to others, fear of failure, and pressure to perform.  Instant freedom creates the environment  to give your best effort!

This is how you can overcome  self doubt and got to the top.

So give this a shot and replace your expectations with the phrase “I am Here to Give, Not to Take."

Doing this you’ll be able to overcome the high pressure situations, fight through the toughest of times, and conquer the most competitive environments.

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