The Struggle is the Key to Your Breakthrough

The Struggle is the Key to Your Breakthrough

The struggle is the key to the breakthrough. 

In this video, Kourtney tried to ride up this steep, loose uphill, and came up short. She was initially discouraged that her peers made it up, and she didn’t.

But with humility kept on trying. Try after try, she made it further up the hill until she skillfully cleared the climb.

While most of us can relate to what she went through on the climb, we also relate this concept to our lives. Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to be embarrassed by struggle. So we downplay it and don’t put ourselves out there.

Not to mention, during challenging moments, it’s easy to forget how crucial the struggle is to the breakthrough. The struggle reveals to us that we are pushing our limits. But, most importantly, the struggle provides us with the road map of where we need to go next. 

So get out there, own your shortcomings, and chip away at them until you break through too.



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