The Three Things Primoz Roglic Does To Ride Faster In The Saddle

The Three Things Primoz Roglic Does To Ride Faster In The Saddle

Technique is truly the separator.

Primoz Roglic uses his superior seated technique to drop his rivals on climbs and distance them in time trials.

If you watch Primoz you will see he is able to mange his power very well in the saddle both on climbs and in time trials.  He is also able to accelerate and respond to the attacks of his rivals in the saddle.

Being able to ride strongly in the saddle gives you the ability to be more aerodynamic as well as conserve energy as you are not supporting your body weight.

Let’s look at Primoz’s technique in relation to the CINCH Three Points of Power:

1. Thumbs on top the the hoods to create a strong lock on the bars. This is used to pull in on the hoods while bring the elbow towards the core with each downstroke. Elbows are bent to help engage and use core on each downstroke.

2. Pelvis forward on front of seat and rotated down to get in front of downstroke making it more powerful.

3. Heel up on the bottom of upstroke while dropping heel down over the top of the downstroke.

Using the three points of power with these three techniques, Roglic is able to create more power while making that power faster as it is delivered to the bike in the most effective manner.

We train technique using concepts like the three points of power described here in our coaching program.  Please contact us below if you are interested in learning more about our program.

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