The Way To Increase Your Mental Toughness

The Way To Increase Your Mental Toughness

Cycling can be an intense sport and to handle this high effort mental strength is required.  At CINCH we train athletes to lead with their mind to proactively control the situation. 


One strategy we use is what we call a Mindset Performance Chain.  This is a process that teaches your mind to memorize triggers, connecting them to planned cues, and then arriving in a preferred mental state.


This strategy is a way for athletes to have a process that enables them to use their mind to overcome challenges.  One of the Mindset Performance Chains that we use for the high intensity efforts we call the Fire Mindset.


This is one of the most intense states, but also a destructive one, therefor it must be used sparingly and at key times. The Fire mindset brings the heat!


This intense, destructive mindset is key if you want a chance at pushing your body to its max, or even winning a race. This mindset compels your body to dig into its Threshold zones, pushing at intensities that aren’t sustainable for more than an hour or so. When you’re on the attack, riding a time trial, or part of a breakaway move, the Fire mindset is the tool you’ll use to drive your effort. 


Experienced riders learn to shift between  in and out of the Fire mindset frequently throughout the course of a race, sometimes even during a paceline.


Beginners, or those who lack control of their mindsets, are often stuck in a Fire state for an entire race or ride, which is really exhausting.


You can be sure that when the key moment of a race comes along, they won’t have as many matches to burn if they’ve been stuck in Fire mindset for hours on end.


Here is an example of how you can use the  Fire Performance Chain:


Trigger: You sense now is the time to attack on a climb.


Cue: Verbal: “I am invincible, I am going to light this climb up”


State:  See yourself destroying the climb, aggressively pouncing on the pedals.  Shortly after your body feels ready and strong prepared to feel the burn and attack the effort.


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