The Way to Use High Cadence to Go Faster

The Way to Use High Cadence to Go Faster

One easy way to take your cycling performance to a new level is to master using high cadence to accelerate and go fast. 

Think of cadence just like the rpm’s in your car.  When you are able to time your acceleration with the high rpms using the right gear you are able to get the optimal acceleration. 

In contrast, just like in your car,  if you are in too big of a gear when you push the gas pedal down the car engine bogs and does not accelerate well.  If you shift to an easier gear, and then push the gas pedal, the car rapidly accelerates. 

Use this way of thinking on your bike.  Every time you need to speed up, or “use the gas pedal,” shift to an easier gear and use a higher cadence while adding power.. 

 The increase of power is just not enough to make the best acceleration, the addition of high cadence is needed.

Some examples of high cadence applications are::

  1. To increase your speed
  2. To close a gap to another rider
  3. To pull through in a breakaway or pace line
  4. To attack
  5. To go all out on a climb, TT, or solo effort

So what cadence is“high cadence?” Well it changes depending on your terrain and or body position.  

Below are some examples:

Suggested High Cadences:

Climbing, Standing - 80+ rpm

Climbing, Seated - 90+ rpm

Flats, Standing - 85+ rpm

Flats, Seated - 95+ rpm

Now go and SEND IT!

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