There is Nothing Holding You Back

There is Nothing Holding You Back

Your age is not holding you back.


Your genetics are not holding you back.


Your work schedule is not holding you back.


Your location is not holding you back.


Let let me give it to you straight: YOUR PERSPECTIVE IS WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK.


Stop worrying about your age! I still have yet to see one rider over 50 in CINCH, no matter how much or little cycling experience they had prior, not improving each month in mindset, physical ability, skill level, and nutritional health.


Stop worrying about the genetics you were born with. Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown. Consistent and purposeful practice in the right areas makes permanent ability. Period. No top athlete will ever tell you they got where they are because they were born that good.


Stop worrying about how crazy your work or life schedule is. In fact, likely your lack of scheduling your workout is what is holding you back. Planning is what separates the best from the rest. I find the athletes with the most in their schedules to be the highest performers. Why? Because they make it happen by scheduling in their workouts ahead of time.


Stop worrying about how where you live is not the Canary Islands!  You don’t need climbs to train climbing. You don’t  need perfect weather to train endurance. What do you need is direction on what to work on, how much, and for what duration. For an example, climbing well is about zones, body position, and pedaling technique. You can do that in your basement on a trainer!


Ok, I think I’ve gotten my point across. Change your perspective and take control of your personal progression. Let’s do it. ALL IN Growth!!!

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