Three Ways to Improve Your Nutrition for Cycling

Three Ways to Improve Your Nutrition for Cycling

Cycling as a sport requires a focus on nutrition.  Whether health is a reason you got into cycling or not, it is an added bonus.


Nutrition for cycling often gets confusing just as it does when talking about this subject outside of sport.


We believe the best way to look at nutrition is to lead with the idea that you fueling fitness, fueling health, and fueling performance.


No matter what the need is, ranging from power gain to weight loss, if you think of what you eat as “fueling” it will guide you to the result you want out of cycling.


CINCH uses a nutritional system called 3 Sigma Nutrition to guide athletes like you to fuel their cycling needs consistently and effectively.


Here is an overview of the three key areas in our system that optimize nutrition in: Purpose, Composition, and Timing.


By guiding your focus with these three areas you will improve your nutrition and you hit your cycling fitness, health, and performance objectives.


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