Unlock Lauren's Winning Fuel Strategy for The RAD!

Unlock Lauren's Winning Fuel Strategy for The RAD!

Hey guys!

I am excited to share my CINCH x The Feed Protocol I used to win The RAD. We use the 3-Sigma Nutrition protocol which categorizes fueling in purpose, composition, and timing. The incredible lineup of products from The Feed brings it all together.

If you aren’t already a member of our Nutrition Club you can join here for an $80 annual credit, free bottles, and get access to their club sale October 7th - October 9th where you will save 20% on everything at The Feed.

Pre-Rad Protocol

I take a Sur Alt Red 90 minutes before the race. I love this product because it’s simple and it works. It lowers my perceived exertion and allows me to push myself harder.

Before the race, I will apply Amp Human Next Gen PR Lotion. It speeds up the warm process which is ideal for those early morning starts. I also rarely cramp in races and feel like this is the secret to not cramping.

During The Rad

Fueling - I like to tell people that gravel races are really just eating contests. I like to go back and forth between the NeverSecond and SIS Gels. In the beginning of the race I’ll aim for 1 gel every 20 minutes and towards the middle to end, 1 every 30-40 minutes. I also like the Precision Hydration chews for a little variety. 

Hydration - I prefer to carry as much water and food with me as possible. Anything can happen in these races and I don’t like to rely on Feedzones. My USWE hydration pack had 270 carbohydrates of the NeverSecond C30 drink mix. I drank the entire USWE before the first Feedzone. I’m a big fan of front-loading my nutrition and hydration.

Post-Rad Protocol

Is there anything better than an ice-cold Coke after a long day on the bike? Luckily, my team had one waiting for me. But after the Coke and things settle down, l have a Kyoku shake in the hours after my race. It’s the easiest way I’ve found to increase my micronutrient intake and get a jump start on my recovery.

Happy feasting, riding, and racing.


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