What Should Junior Cyclists Focus On To Get Better at Cycling?

What Should Junior Cyclists Focus On To Get Better at Cycling?


It’s funny when you read when you start researching how to get better at cycling.    Just how we use the internet to research these things, the kids do the same now days. 

When you start to research first off you read “ride more!  The pros ride 40 hours a week, so if you want to be good you need to put in the time and that will make you this % better.” 

Then everywhere you read “raise your FTP.”  Do this with lots and lots of long, hard sub threshold intervals.  This will make you this % better” 

Then you see “lose weight. Do this by riding more than you eat.  This will make you this % better.”

Finally you read “take these… supplements to be able to … and … and …. Which will make you this % better.”

Sound about right?  But this is not what you juniors or your kids should be doing to improve in cycling!  As kids % means nothing as good decisions result in EXPONENTIAL GROWTH.  But at the same time, bad decisions result in EXPONENTIALLY severe consequences.

I believe instead of the trendy ways to “get better” at cycling there are several clutch things juniors can work on that will take to them to the next level in their cycling AND set them up for exponential growth and success in and out of the sport.  These are:

  1. Mindset.  Building a strong mental foundation matched with a clear framework will not only help the youth succeed in cycling, but also enable them to use cycling to succeed in life.  Simple mindset processes like how to overcome failure and manage success can change their life in the sport and in their life moving forward.
  2. Technique.  Yes, cycling has proper technique!  Teaching all the components of cycling technique at a young age will not only help the youth ride faster, but also much safer reducing crashes and injuries from overuse.
  3. Resourceful habits.  Cycling attracts obsessive personalities and if success habits are not taught early on, cycling can pull many juniors off-course developing obsessive habits.  Habits like learning to train the least to get the most are critical.  For some reason the cycling community rewards the riders who climb the most, or ride the most, but rarely the ones that perform the best riding the least!  In contrast, the universe rewards efficiency!  Look at business and life where to win there you must be resourceful.  Kids need guidance here and with the right direction will learn habits that will help them find success for many years with resourceful habits.

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