Winning Does Not Make You Great. Failing Does.

Winning Does Not Make You Great.  Failing Does.

Winning doesn’t make you great.

It’s the struggle, losing, failing, and falling short that does.

 It is the process of picking yourself up, sharpening your focus, and working hard to overcome the adversity that makes you great.

 When I look at the photo of CINCH athlete Ethan I don’t see this particular victory. Instead, I hear his voice from the phone call we had last November.  The young man on phone was lost, having quit cycling and lost his way during the pandemic. We talked about returning to cycling by rekindling his love for the sport simply by focusing on the process.

 Ethan loved to ride his bike, loved to train, and loved to race. But he got frustrated that the work he was putting in wasn’t getting him the results he wanted.

Well, it’s safe to say Ethan found his way back and better than ever! Over this year he crushed his process.

More importantly, in his process Ethan has learned to embrace his failures and shortcomings along the way and learn from them.

With ownership like this he learned that now he has all the pieces and clues to creating a winning performances. In fact, there is no better road map to success!

The bottom line is we all can learn from Ethan.

First off, it’s never too late to make it happen! This time last year Ethan thought he would never race a bike again.

Second, your love of the process is what is going to take you to here you want. Just like we learn as kids bikes are for fun and transportation! Just now they can also be used for transportation to transformation… and still are fun!

Third, failure is a good thing! Stop getting mad and frustrated with it. Accept, embrace, learn, and leverage the key knowledge you learn to go to the next level!

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