Winning Group Rides and Races

Winning Group Rides and Races



Would you like to TransFORM into a rider who can dominate your local group rides and win your races? 


To do that you will have build the ability to cover, create, ride in, and solo away in breakaways.


Why? Unless you are racing in the pro peloton, break always influence the rides/races outcome. 


To be able to effectively execute breakaway riding your efforts in training need to be built around developing the zones and skills how your Rider Type can make, ride in, and win from the breakaway.


So what does this look like? 


Let me break it down in the system we coach with, the Four Pillars of FORM.


  1. FOCUS: Create both offensive and defensive strategies around your Rider Type that are inline with the course you will be on and the competitors you are against. 
  2. FITNESS: Design zones (and train in them) that correlate directly to the efforts you anticipate happening both from the terrain on the course and the FOCUS strategies you are likely to use. 
  3. EXECUTION: Practice the skills and techniques you will need to accelerate, decelerated, control your effort, pull, surge, and create momentum for a solo effort.
  4. NUTRITION: Plan and practice a strategy built around the 3 Sigmas of fueling performance: Purpose (what zones are used and how long in them), Composition (the macros and amounts needed to fuel the purpose), and Timing (the time before, during, and after the composition needs to be eaten).


So use this information, distill down your target ride or event on these areas, and start designing a plan for success to influence your ride through some excellent break away riding!



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