Worrying About Averages Will Make You Average

Worrying About Averages Will Make You Average

Focusing on averages as an input is not the best use of your attention.

Yes folks, stop looking at your average power, average cadence, average speed, average weekly distance, and average TSS (training stress score).

These metrics used above are best used like words in a language; for communication. You use them to guide yourself to executing an intended exercise or activity. Or you can use them to define an intended exercise or activity. 

When you focus on the averages of these metrics, well, you tend to try and game the system. This usually looks like riding above your intentions to improve the average’s size.

I have a term for the athlete who loves to game the metric averages: 

“The Fatigue Millionaire.”

Yes, the fatigue millionaire LOVES to go around and knock out the big averages in watts, speed, weekly distance, and my favorite (straight, pure fatigue) TSS. They collect this fatigue in their fatigue bank account and then wait for the right time to cash it all in.

“Yes sir, I have an important race coming up and I’d like to cash in all my fatigue now for race winning fitness.”

Sound ridiculous? Well it is!!! Sadly this is how most people believe training is done, and it just doesn’t work.

Use your metrics as your language to guide you to the training and execution that truly makes you better in what you are intending to get from your training.

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