Competition Program


The competitive side of the sport of cycling is very unique.  Cycling is a sport where you are first and foremost competing against yourself.  Then, on top of that you are battling with other competitors in a strategic setting.  In this aspect, competitive cycling is very similar to that of martial arts.  So in the creation of our Competition Program we built a codified system to teach, execute, and track performance in and out of competitions. 

First-in-Class Personal Benefits

Through the Competition Program you can expect to see large positive impacts in your racing and competition.. Some of these are considerable improvements are in: 

  • Dramatically improved race results
  • Completing races in considerably faster times
  • Higher pre and during race confidence
  • Feeling in control during the races, especially the tough and intense moments
  • Increased mental toughness in the tough, critical moments of the races
  • An advanced understanding of tactics and strategy 
  • Increased sense of fulfillment from an improved understanding of race progression

In addition to the competition focus of this program, we also bring in elements of the sister Lifestyle program to enhance your cycling experience.   So in addition to the competitive benefits listed above, you can expect to see improvements in your:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Self-confidence                            
  • Problem-solving and goal-driven mentality                                             
  • The ability to overcome past and present fears/anxiety                               
  • Mental and physical toughness                         
  • Creation of opportunity                             
  • A process-driven lifestyle           
  • Work ethic                                                                 
  • Tools for overcoming adversity

Unique Community

Just like the Lifestyle program, we have a special community component in the Competition program.   When you join the program you become part of a team with competitive athletes just like yourself.  You will become teammates with athletes who are better than you who will push you.  You will have teammates who are not as good as you who will reinforce your existing cycling craft as you teach and lead them to grow.   Finally, you will have teammates who are equal to you in ability and skill who will hold you accountable in making consistent progress. 

With the Competition Program you and your teammates are on a journey together in race progression and personal development.  As part of this program you will become part of our team and share your journey (as much as you feel comfortable) with other like minded people.  We connect our race team community with our own CINCH app, live virtual events, live workouts, in person camps, of course the races themselves, and more.  Ask anyone here, our community is something very special.  We would love to have you be part of it and crush the races together!

Competition Program Pricing (Month to month with no commitment)

$250 a month with a Level III and Level IV Coach

$500 a month with Tom Danielson as your coach