Breaking Through - Fall Fundamentals Cycling Camp


October 15-17th

Cost $500


It’s time to raise the roof!  What roof are we referring to, you ask? This time of year is the perfect time to raise the ceiling. 

Your ceiling is also known as your long term potential. This camp will give you the knowledge, hands on guidance, and experience to set yourself up to break through ceilings in 2022!

What levels are this for?  All of them!  We will have riders who are just getting started with cycling to riders who are at the top level.  To accommodate each level we will be breaking up into groups out on the road for specific work as well as pacing. 


We will work on:

Solo and group riding skills

Raising your fitness ceiling increasing the long-term potential of zone growth

Building Muscular Strength

Increasing cardiovascular capacity and V02 Max

Increased top-end explosive power 

Group riding skills 

Bike handling skills on pavement and off road 

Climbing/descending capabilities

Note: Due to the Boulder County mask ordinances and new policies in place we will be forgoing food.

Friday - Solo Skills Ceiling Day (CINCH League course (mix of pavement and gravel))

Ride 10 am - 2 pm



Solo Ride Skills

Pedal Stroke (downstroke and upstroke)

Seated Power Technique

Standing Power Technique



Weight Distribution


Line Selection



Accelerating (seated and standing)

Sprinting (standing and seated) 

Maintaining Speed (seated and standing)

Saturday- Group Skills Ceiling Day (CINCH League course (mix of pavement and gravel)) 

Ride 10 am - 2 pm


Group Riding Fundamentals

How the group/peloton works

Where to look when riding in a group

Riding close to one another

How to fill holes

How to ride in the front of the pack 

How to ride in the middle of the pack 

How to ride in the back of the pack

How to corner in the group

How to communicate

Where to look ahead in the group

How to descend in the group

How to climb in the group

How to best brake in the group

How to spot potential crashes 

What to do if there is a crash

Competitive Group Riding

Paceline/breakaway riding

How to breakaway from the group

What to do when caught by the group

Saturday Night 5:00-7:00 pm - CINCH Cycles 1110 Neon Forest Circle Unit A 

Bike Maintenance Fundamentals

Bike Maintenance Night with CINCH Elite head mechanic Joe Kuhfahl and Tom will cover the pre, during and post ride protocols you can implement so that on event day you can focus solely on putting in your best performance.

Topics Include: 

Bike Set-up

Finding the right tires

Fixing Flats

Emergency Tire Repair

Air pressure 

How to plug your tire Mid race 

Bike Noises and what they mean

Pre-race Checklist

Pedal/Shoe choice

Cleaning your bike


Sunday - Fitness Ceiling Growth Day! (The People's Choice Climb)

Ride 10 am - 2 pm


Fitness Fundamentals

Strength work drills 


Endurance strength Activity

  • Flat group riding work

Threshold climbing and time trial strength activity

  • Climbing and flat solo riding work

Explosive effort, acceleration, and sprint strength activity

  • Climbing and flat group riding work 


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