We Take Cyclists To The Next Level

We find your cycling potential and take you beyond it using our proven wholistic coaching program. You will increase your fitness to meet your performance objectives. Learn new techniques to ride faster and more efficiently. Get a custom nutritional program around your training and lifestyle. Have a strategy personally designed for you to take you to your goals and beyond. Get ready to make cycling a CINCH!

200+ students

Does this sound like you?

You've been cycling for some time now and you want to get to the next level. Whether that's the podium on a race, or in the best shape of your life without 3+ hours of training every day. What's stopping you? You don't know how to make the most out of your training time and you aren't sure what you need to make improvements on.

"I've been riding for years but was losing fitness due to work demands and injuries within my cycling group (including me). I had to stop the slide and called Tom for help. The workouts are personalized and designed to fit my schedule. I'm seeing strength, fitness and bike happiness gains in just the first few months!"

Tom B.

"I heard about Tom from a friend who founded Rollfast. He said “This is the guy who can improve your cycling”. An accomplished cyclist himself, I had no hesitation signing up with Cinch Cycling.

My faith in Cinch Cycling is strong. Looking forward to many more years."

Oboh W.

"I've been a competitive cyclist for 12 years now -- but as I upgraded to Cat 2, I felt I hit a ceiling on training and racing.

Enter Cinch! Tom was able to put together such a powerful, high impact training program that made every minute on the road count. Cinch really up'd my game -- it has been a pleasure working with Tom and Cinch! I am looking forward to another successful racing season!"

Brad C.

Get to the next level

The longer you try to do it on your own, the harder it is to catch back up.

This course will get your momentum back in your training. Get ready to break barriers and escape plateaus you've been stuck in for a long time. A professional's help will create breakthroughs you've only dreamed of being able to have.

What you'll get


  • Personally designed training program to fit yor schedule and acheive your goals.
  • Training Peaks Premium account
  • Personal technique training
  • Custom nutrition plan
  • Individualized strength training and injury prevention
  • Subscription to our CINCH+ community app
  • Access to our complete collection of coaching content
  • Unlimited training plan adjustments and communication with your coach
  • Unlimited race consultations (planning, prep, strategy & analysis)
  • Exclusive offers from our pro team partners
  • Select at-race support
  • Early access to CINCH training camps

Meet Your Instructor: Tom Danielson

Tom Danielson is a former Tour De France Cyclist, author, entrepreneur, cycling coach and the founder and CEO of Cinch Cycling INC. After racing his bike professionally for 15 years, Tom has taken the knowledge he garnered at racing cycling's highest level and developed a strategic process for thousands of working professionals.

His racing accolades include an 8th general classification finish and a stage win in the Tour De France, two-time winner Tour of Utah, Tour of Georgia winner, stage Winner in the Vuelta Espana', along with multiple top 10 general classification finishes in Grand Tours. He is also the record holder on Mt. Washington and Mt Evans.