Over the past 4 years CINCH cycling has grown into an international community of liked minded people spread across the globe. As we watched CINCH develop into what it is today we slowly realized that our members started to communicate in a language unique to CINCH cycling and when we get together at our events it is amazing to see and hear everyone operating with the same ethos, speaking the same CINCH language, all with the same goal in mind; Personal progress. 

The CINCH team works hard to organize events for our athletes so that they can all enjoy the experience of the highest level of cycling. From organized accommodations, to ride/race recon, briefing and strategy the CINCH Cycling events are so much fun, and absolutely unique in the sport of cycling. 

In 2019 we decided to create the CINCH cycling mobile app so that the community could connect with and support each other in their journeys of personal progress. Not only is the mobile app a safe place to post and share your story with like minded people, but it’s also a great way to ask questions and learn from all the CINCH coaches, as well as other members. The CINCH cycling mobile app has a built in video course platform where we teach our athletes the CINCH FORM Techniques. We feel that the CINCH cycling app has the power to increase ones ability to learn the sport of cycling at a faster rate than ever before. 

Between the CINCH cycling app, and our organized events, CINCH athletes always feel connected with and supported by each other and the coaches. The best part is that we love to make all of this work on a personal level for each and every one of our athletes. Whether you have a busy schedule, specific performance goals, or anything we need to work around the CINCH FORM Performance Method is not only a program that will bring you to a higher level of cycling, but will also enhance your cycling experience making it more fun.