CON•CEPT Cycling Camps


The CON•CEPT platform is a new way of cycling vacations. At CINCH, we have a truly special community in the sense that our athletes are some of the most involved, committed, and dedicated people on the planet. CINCH athletes access in both in their sports and lives. This means that once someone has joined CINCH, and practiced our training concepts, they build an incredible skill set in the sport of cycling. The CON•CEPT CYCLING EXPERIENCES are organized camps taking place in beautiful locations around the globe where CINCHers have the opportunity to execute their offensive plays, tactics, and put their abilities to the test in a "World Tour" stage race simulation style event, all while getting to know fellow CINCers from other parts of the world.


Contact us to find out when and where the next CON•CEPT camp is going to take place.