CINCH Girona Cycling Camp

APRIL 20th-28th 2024
7 Days Of Incredible Rides

8 nights stay at a 4 star hotel.

Live Coaching On The Road

Become a true student of the sport while riding to complete each days challenge.

Enjoy Local Spanish Cuisine

Refuel with incredible local dishes while recaping the day's ride. 

Make New Lifelong Friendships

Experience the warm and supportive CINCH Community.

CON•CEPT Girona is designed to bring your cycling training to life. It’s time to take what we’ve been working towards at home and apply it to your real life cycling to level up your cycling.

This year we are bringing back the most popular camp we’ve ever done our CON•CEPT Stage Race Experience Camp in Girona Spain. We chose a destination in the center of town allowing access to the mountains close to the Pyrenees, the Spanish coastline of Costa Brava, and the pro’s favorite training climbs such as Rocacorba, Els Angels, Amer, Osor, and Saint Hilari.

This camp is for all levels and we will have a deep coaching staff to be able to manage the different levels out on the roads. We crushed this in 2019 and designed the routes in 2024 with this in mind with regrouping areas and cut off’s if needed.  

Our number one objective with this camp is to provide you with the most comprehensive cycling instruction in the world. We've compiled the absolute best step-by-step strategies and tools from the FORM Performance Method and provide you with a fun arena to apply your fitness, new skills, and improved ability in.

How does this CON•CEPT camp work?

The focus of the camp being working as a team to improve your individual performance, we are simulating what it would be like to be on a World Tour team during a stage race. At the beginning of the camp you will be placed on a team. Each team will have an equal range of abilities with a CINCH coach being a captain to lead out on the road. Your teammates will accompany you throughout the week’s rides and challenges. To help you keep track of them, and know who is on the other teams, we will provide each team custom Castelli Jerseys. There will also be a fun Yellow Leader’s Jersey given out each day to the team that “wins” each challenge. Don’t worry, the strongest rider of the camp cannot just ride themselves into the yellow jersey. It will be a team based challenge that rewards, you guessed it, teamwork!  

Each team will consist of a range of different Rider Types and abilities. We’ve organized the stages and the day’s challenges so that each day compliments a different Rider Type and all abilities can be included regardless of race experience. As a result you will be placed in both working roles and leadership positions throughout the week. Some of your efforts will be solo focused and some you will have to work together as a team. Some will be well suited to help you refine your natural skills and abilities, others will challenge you to push past difficult barriers to achieve major breakthroughs.

Your Rider Type in action!

While each day the stage is set for teamwork and fun challenges, a pivotal piece of the CON•CEPT camp is how your Rider Type best fits into each scenario. Girona provides us with the most epic stage to put each Rider Type into play.  

 Prior day one, we will walk you through your individual Rider Type, strengths and weaknesses. Your Rider Type is determined by your genetic, physicalities, engine and mental characteristics. It is not determined by current ability (ie climber but you don’t feel fast on climbs.)

So you said race, what does that mean for me?

The “race” is simply to define the challenges of each day in a setting that is easily understood. Each day has activities and challenges in which we take part in all together, all different levels. If you are a hard core racer, you will get lots of opportunities to challenge yourself in high level race scenarios against others at your level. If you are not a racer, and came to camp to ride, see Spain, hang out with the team, and get stronger, then your “race” will be just that. Meaning, you will be put into components of the challenge that embody these priorities.  

One way we address the differences in ability is leveling the playing field by putting riders with “less strength or fitness” in the breakaway with a calculated time gap that gives them a shot at staying away if they execute their strategy. Another way we level the playing field is by having different abilities work as domestiques for one another in defined sections of the routes. Both examples promote teamwork, communication, and present many incredible learning opportunities.    

 While we have fun and challenge one another, the rides embody the true CINCH spirit which is having fun and being supportive of one another. Your job is to commit your mind and body to growth and embrace the fun challenge ahead.

Your training comes to life!

Beyond the challenge portion, this seven-day immersive program is designed to empower by learning new strategies and a whole new Playbook of CINCH performance. Level up your cycling fitness progress by applying your trained PowerTrain Zones to the epic cycling terrain in Girona. Develop and refine technique and high-level skills on roads made for cycling that will help you go faster and produce more power. Finally learn and dial in the proper fueling strategies for a high-performance life on and off the bike in person and in detail with our 3-Sigma Nutrition Program.

The CON•CEPT Camp program will take your cycling to a new level as well as give you teachings that you can follow through on to keep progressing when you return home. You won't just grasp our methods: you will take sustainable action.

We hope you join us in Girona this Spring!


Check-in April 20th

Check Out - April 28

(8 Nights)



    • 8 Night Stay in a 4-star hotel

    • 7 full days of coached riding.
    • Breakfast and Dinner

    • Sag Support vehicles

    • Mechanic support
    • Ride Food

    • 2 Castelli Concept Kits


Hotel Ciutat de Girona stands by the idea that cities are not only to be visited but also to be enjoyed. They invite you to live the city with intensity, and let yourself be seduced by all the stimuli that make Girona a unique place. Their main endeavor is to show you a slow Girona filled with an impressive array of possibilities including sport, health, energy, gastronomy, urban space, history, shopping, luxury, and events.They are proudly invested in eco and sustainable tourism being the first hotel in the city that has obtained the sustainable tourism certification Biosphere Responsible Tourism.


Standard Room - $3,200

Single Room Supplement - $3,950

Couple - $5,450




Day 1 - Welcome ride Sant Gregori / Mas Llunes :

33 miles with 1500 ft of climbing

Day 2 - Els Angels (2x):

50 miles with 4000 ft of climbing

Day 3 - Sant Grau / Coast Road :

60 miles with 400 ft of climbing

Day 4 - Amer and Osor - Big Climbing Day:

72 miles with 6000 ft of climbing.

Day 5 - The Rally Roads :

23 miles with 2000 ft of climbing.

Day 6 - Rocacorba and Els Angels (Steep Side) Queen Stage:

58 miles with 6000 ft of climbing.

Day 7 - Sant Hilari Epic Climb (Angles Side):

60 miles with 4000 ft of climbing.

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