Kourtney Danielson

Kourtney Danielson

Kourtney Danielson is the co-founder of the Form Performance Method and the
president of CINCH Cycling INC. She is a certified Nutrition Coach She is also the host of The Process with CINCH Cycling Podcast.

As a former writer for a popular sports blog, she developed a love for writing and
the fast-paced world of professional sports. As the wife of a former pro-cyclist, she worked with the top nutritionists, and team staff to find a sustainable nutrition
solution system that would balance optimal weight with optimal performance.

After starting CINCH, she found it challenging to balance a family, business and a
performance lifestyle, so she created the 3-Sigma Nutrition System to teach busy
cyclists how to fuel for peak performance.

Kourtney's love of cycling was born on some of cycling's most famous roads while living in Girona, Spain. She now resides in Boulder, Colorado but frequently travels to compete in road, mountain bike and gravel cycling races and events with athletes from the CINCH community.

Kourtney holds a B.A. journalism and mass communication
The University of Utah where she was a member of the Debate Team.