Matt Tanner

Matt Tanner

My passion for cycling started in the 90’s riding my bike at Purdue University. I was caught up in the mountain bike craze and loved riding singletrack. The bike brought me back to a feeling I had when I was a young kid with the freedom to go wherever I wanted and to explore new adventures.

In the early 2000’s I began racing road bikes and time trials. The speed was addictive! I progressed through a few teams to a Cat 2 category.

When I met my wife, I was introduced to traveling with the bike and was less focused on racing. Riding abroad opened my eyes to different events and cultures. Primarily FONDOS. I wanted to replicate the feel of these events back home and in 2013 created the Rollfast Gran Fondo.

Over the years, the joy I found creating events and teaching others cycling skills and techniques far outweighed the joy of getting on a podium. It is my “WHY” in cycling. 

I’m now contracted with multiple local areas to create community bike events and races. These events, combined with the Rollfast Cycling Club help feed my passion for cycling.

In 2015 I began working with Tom Danielson as one of his first coached athletes he taught me skills and techniques he saw in the World Tour. I’ve watched him develop the CINCH Form System from the ground up. It’s become a proven tool to make cyclists improve and master their fitness, execution, nutrition, and focus.

Using this proven process, I’m excited to have another piece of cycling expertise to share with other riders around the world.