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Online Course - Cycling Technique Fundamentals

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Cycling technique fundamentals is an online course that has everything you need to improve your cycling from the ground up.

In the sport of cycling, learning the proper techniques is overlooked. The majority of cyclists start with the focus on fitness and do not learn the key components to optimize their cycling experience. This often leads to injury, fitness, plateaus, and goal shortcomings.

In this course, we will walk you through everything from how to position yourself on the bike, the proper technique while cycling, how to set the bike up itself, to how to improve your bike handling.

The online course, in which you can take at your own speed, is built into four modules and 18 lessons.


Module I: Body position and pedaling technique.

Lesson 1. Hand postions

Lesson 2. Core positions

Lesson 3. Pedaling techniques

Module II: Bike Set Up

Lesson 4. Tire Pressure

Lesson 5. Wheel Check

Lesson 6. Electronics Check

Lesson 7. Brake Set Up

Lesson 8. Computer Screen Fields

Module III: Execution Concepts

Lesson 9. Power Training Components

Lesson 10. Cadence Training Concepts

Lesson 11. Cadence Uses in Action

Module IV: Bike Handling

Lesson 12. Braking Techniques

Lesson 13. Cornering Techniques

Lesson 14. Cornering Practice Drills

What You'll Get From Cycling Technique Fundamentals

As a student, you'll get a few great benefits from being here:

  • Access exclusive content. We've designed Cycling Technique Fundamentals to inspire, instruct, and engage.
  • Meet new people. You will gain access to our CINCH community where you will meet cycling enthusiasts who are as motivated to learn more about the sport of cycling.
  • Get results. As you dive into the course content and meet the community here in Cycling Technique Fundamentals, you're on a path of personal progress in cycling. While cycling is not easy, the transformation we'll get together matters.

You're a Part of Something Bigger

By joining Cycling Technique Fundamentals, you’re also a member of CINCH +, our overarching community. You’ll be able to keep up with our Cycling Technique Fundamentals activity both here, but also in your main CINCH + Activity Feed (think about it as our own Facebook newsfeed with Course and other activity all in one place).

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Online Course - Cycling Technique Fundamentals