4 Tips To Keep The Momentum Rolling Over The Holidays

4 Tips To Keep The Momentum Rolling Over The Holidays
Do you feel that Christmas can snowball from good intentions to missed opportunities? Or perhaps you're guilty of getting carried away with plans and always fall short?
Here are 4 tips to ensure you keep the momentum and fitness you have built throughout Autumn, without missing out on those special moments.

Keep sessions short- chances are that your time is precious, so instead of heading out for a long endurance ride, schedule in a focused interval session. This means that you will be able to take part in all of the festivities, as well as building your explosive zones!


Have a realistic plan- it's easy to write a training schedule packed full of long rides or double sessions, but is this really realistic? If you did plan this, chances are you'd end up missing days or cutting rides short. This is not only frustrating but can end up being pretty demoralizing. Instead of setting yourself up to fail, why not be conservative about what you can achieve, and finish each session feeling awesome that you've hit your daily objective.
Make some substitutions- for many it just isn't practical to travel with a bike and all the kit needed for training, so why not substitute some bike sessions for plyometrics? Adding these to your schedule means you can complete a training session with no equipment, no matter where you are, 
Have Fun- this is the season for festivities after all. Whatever you do, make sure you have fun. Maybe try something new, rope family members along for a long walk or enjoy a chilled ride with old friends. Having fun and not putting pressure on yourself to constantly perform will be vital for starting the New Year with a full tank of mojo!

I always think that during Christmas time it's essential to keep a bit of perspective, and view it for what it is; a time for loved ones, reflection and celebration. Although training is important, a little dose of perspective shows that sometimes these special moments are worth more than an extra hour on the bike!

This article was written by CINCH Coach Sophie Johnson
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