As a 15-year professional cyclist, Tom Danielson worked with the leading trainers, nutritionists, psychologists and grand tour winners at the highest level of professional cycling. Through years of competitive scenario experience, and relentless data analysis Tom created the FORM Performance Method, brining many new dimensions of the sport of cycling for all ability levels to experience.
Our goal is to make you a master in the sport of cycling. 



STAGIAIRE is the self coached cycling mastery apprenticeship program. In STAGIAIRE athletes get access to tons of our educational video courses, and every week receive a technique building workout, a fitness building workout, 3 x 3 Sigma Nutrition Recipes, a Powerful Mindset tip from coach Tom, AND access to the super fun and challenging CINCH DEFINE TOUR. You can sign up for STAGIAIRE all on your own, and can get started straight away, just CLICK HERE


$250 USD Monthly

In the Cycling Mastery Program CINCH coaches use Tom Danielson's ASCEND process to train athletes. Athletes in this program will work one on one with a CINCH coach to reach their next level version on and off the bike. To join ASCEND, you'll need to schedule a consultation at this LINK 

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$500 USD Monthly

This is the highest level cycling mastery program available. Athletes in ASCEND BLCK are coached directly by Tom Danielson in his very own ASCEND coaching process. Enjoy working with a Tour de France pro who's helped hundreds of athletes transform their cycling ability using his proven process. To get started in ASCEND BLCK you'll need to schedule a consultation call directly with Tom, and you can do that by clicking HERE


The vision is an essential component in your personal transformation because it gives a clear perspective on why you're working to achieve your goals. We work with you to find and create your vision in cycling.

CINCH athletes have two mobile apps to maximize their coaching experience. The CINCH Cycling app is the home of the CINCH Cycling community, and all of our athletes use this platform to talk about their cycling experiences, training, progress, team events and so much more. Feeding our hunger for innovation and progress we created a full video tutorial coaching platform with over 80 different video courses. One of the best features of the CINCH Cycling app is the built-in messenger, where you will have direct access to your coach for unlimited messenger support. You'll also be able to connect with all of the other CINCHERS around the world.

The second app that you'll want to download is a customized version of the TODAY'S PLAN mobile app with built-in CINCH specific KPI's. You'll use this app to view your upcoming workouts and review all of the data from your training sessions. The Notes section of Today's plan app is where you will communicate with your coach concerning the specifics of each training session.
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Once you're all set up, you'll do the official CINCH Baseline Test, where you will be scored on not only fitness but also execution techniques. The testing protocol helps us to understand where to go first, by identifying your strengths and to spot potential weaknesses so that we can keep them from holding you back in the future. There are many levels within the CINCH FORM training system, and it's crucial that you are given workouts that are right for you in the current moment so that you can start building on who you are today, and not on an imaginary idea of an unrealistic super cyclist.


At CINCH, we have rider 6 rider types who all have unique strengths and abilities. Our programs are built to maximize the potential of our athlete's genetics. Once your rider type has been identified you'll be given workouts that will maximize the efficiency of your workouts for your genetic makeup

We build our athletes training programs on a weekly basis. On Thursday of each week, you'll let your coach know what your schedule will be and how much time you can dedicate to cycling for the upcoming week. Then, by Saturday evening, you're program will be uploaded into your mobile app which can also be accessed by desktop. One cool thing about CINCH Coaching is that we don't restrict communication in any way, in fact, we encourage our athletes to communicate with their coach and ask questions as much as possible through our built-in chat messenger on the CINCH cycling app.



The Fitness pillar of the FORM Method is built around 11 PowerTrain Performance Zones (PTZ), each with a specific purpose to suit the demands of cycling’s dynamic nature. In any race or group ride you could find yourself using all of the zones. They are like keys on the piano. Every ride is a different song, it just depends on how you play those keys, in what order, and for how long. You wouldn’t want to play the same note for three hours straight, would you?

These 11 zones are split into three categories: Endurance, Threshold, and Explosive.

Through the Execution pillar of the FORM Method, I’ll show you how to take the power output you’re able to produce and use it to the fullest potential. This pillar focuses on our North Star — a five-pointed guide to riding like the pros, even if you aren’t able to produce the same wattage as them. The five points on this star are Power Control, Cadence Control, Body Position, Separation, and Transitional Control.

Following our method, CINCH athletes fuel based on the 3-Sigma Nutrition system: purpose composition, and timing. We provide personalized nutrition programs with recipes that correlate to the workouts, ensuring that CINCH athletes achieve optimal performance and build ideal rider compositions over time.

In the Focus pillar of the FORM Method, I’ll guide you through an arsenal of tools you can use to prepare yourself mentally for any race scenario. The Core Performance Qualities that will give you reassurance and motivation, working like mantras. I’ll guide you through the Vision component of our Focus Foundation, which will help you tap into your purpose and give you perspective on your strengths and weaknesses that will lead you to an outcome that will be meaningful to you.

Daily Feedback
You have unlimited communication with your CINCH Cycling coach, and that means that you can get as much feedback as you want on your workouts. Simply leave a comment after each session, and your coach will give you the feedback that you're looking for. 


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