Coaching Programs

Tom Danielson and his team of coaches provide the most dynamic coaching experience available.  Through years of World Tour racing, and relentless data analysis Tom created three coaching programs to help all ability levels and experience to reach their personal goals in cycling.



STAGIAIRE is a self-coached, entry level program. STAGIAIRE is meant to be an introduction to what CINCH is all about. In Stagiage athletes get access to  educational video courses, and weekly workouts that sample our technique and fitness building methodology.  You will also receive a unique 3 Sigma Nutrition Recipe and a Powerful Mindset tip from coach Tom and week.  In addition to these features you will also get access to the super fun and challenging CINCH DEFINE TOUR. You can sign up for STAGIAIRE all on your own, and can get started straight away, just CLICK HERE


$250 - $500 USD Monthly

Our ASCEND Lifestyle Program a one on one coaching program that is focused around coaching you to improve in the sport of cycling while enhancing your health and the quality of your life.



$250 - $500 USD Monthly

The ASCEND Competition Program is a one-on-one coaching program focused on the competitive side of cycling.  We work with you to teach you racing skills, execute racing strategies, and track your performance in and out of competitions.