5 Tips To Boost Your Motivation

5 Tips To Boost Your Motivation


As amateur cyclists, our training time on the bike means so much more to us than winning races.  For many of us, our consistent training can be a staple in our overall mood and mindset.  If training is going well then, we are in general happy.  We are in general in a positive mindset so that we can overcome any obstacle life will place in front of us daily.    What do we do when a lack of desire manifests itself?  What can be done when we have the circumstances to get in our workouts but lack the motivation to get the kit on and ride?  There is no “one size fits all” approach to this predicament- rather the answer is often a combination of some of the small things listed below.


  • Realize that lack of desire/low mojo to ride affects everyone from time to time.  When we acknowledge that this is not a unique problem but rather something everyone faces it can make it easier to start the positive thinking again and then get back on course with our plan.


  • Reach out to a trusted friend or training partner.   A training partner can be a great catalyst to reignite the fire to train!  Look for someone who knows you well, someone you trust, and someone you can ride with on a regular basis.


  • Get something new for you or your bike.  This could be some new kit, maybe a new component for your bike, or maybe its some new kind of on the bike nutrition.  The sky is the limit!   If we have been desiring something for a long time/it is something that makes cycling more fun, we are likely to get enjoyment out of riding again and this quickly renews our zeal.


  • Sign up for an event!  Nothing will motivate us more than an exciting new event that is a few months away and we want to be in excellent riding shape so we can have our best result!  Maybe choose an event outside our normal comfort zone.  Do you normally race in Criteriums or Road Races?  Maybe try a long-distance time trial or an adventure race, or maybe see what gravel racing is about.   Cycling is a vast sport and there are many avenues in which we can specialize, and this may give us a fresh perspective.


  • Create a realistic schedule in which you can stick to!  Be consistent with the training plan you select.  If you have a coach, ask them for extra guidance and help to stay positive when training through tough intervals.  In the end- consistent training wins out over most other things that we can do to improve our cycling ability.


Overall- rekindling the desire is possible.  It takes some focus and patience, but it is worth the effort!  Regularity and consistency in our training will lead to a positive mindset and will set us up to overcome every obstacle that comes our way! Most amateur cyclists have busy lives- Demanding careers, family obligations, other hobbies than cycling- any of these things can cause our training to become monotonous.  Once we stop having passion for training excuses can creep in to keep us from training consistently.  Mentioned above are only a few items that can revitalize our training attitude.  What are some things that you have done that have helped you to increase the desire to train?  We are interested to know what works for you!  Please feel free to post your comments below.

This article was written by Coach Stephen Strayer
Image: James Willis

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