CON•CEPT Colorado Camp Day 1 Recap

Day 1 CON•CEPT Colorado was was a completely new experience for CINCH and perhaps the entire cycling industry. CINCH athletes from all around the country gathered at Tom and Kourtney Danielson's home in Longmont Colorado, for a meet and greet. The meeting opened with a personal story from coach Tom, who shared his own battle of adversity and overcoming, as he transitioned from a pro cyclist to a cycling coach. Then, every athlete had the opportunity to share their stories on how they became a CINCH athlete. It was amazing to learn that the athletes who have been with CINCH since the beginning had so much in common with the members who have only been here for a couple of months. The common theme for all the athletes, was some using cycling to overcome some kind of adversity. 
Often times, change in our lives can cause pain, and learning how to turn that pain into a powerful tool to help you progress not only as an athlete but in your life, is extremely powerful. Coach Tom broke down how to look at pain both physical and emotional. Then Tom explained how to leverage that pain, and turn it into a tool that can be used in our process in cycling, with the right mindset strategies. 
This is what we call learning how to "Light The Fire." Lighting the fire is the why, its the reason you wake up at 5 am to train, the reason you work extra hours or the reason you attack your competitors even when you’re feeling pain. By the end of the meeting, everyone was ready to Light The Fire. 
The CINCH crew, divided into teams, then set out on the road for a 3-hour ride featuring 5 team building activities that Tom built to purposely put the athletes into uncomfortable (but fun) situations on the road where they would have to tap into their recently learned mindset strategies. 
We hired a chef to cook a 3 sigma menu, before the ride all the CINCH athletes dove into some of our favorite pre-ride eats, and After the ride, the crew made it back to the CINCH HQ where everyone re-fueled with a 3-Sigma post-ride meal. 
Stay Tuned For Tomorrow's Day 2 Recap! 

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