Freezer Breakfast Burrito

Freezer Breakfast Burrito

I want you to think of a food more versatile than the burrito... I'll wait. 

Specifically, the breakfast burrito, if there ever were a type of food that works for any meal of the day, I'd say it's this bad boy. Even though breakfast is in its name, its perfectly savory and customizable nature combined with its mix of carbs and protein makes it a fantastic pre-ride or post-ride meal. Now the perfect burrito is a labor of love which is why I recommend making multiple burritos and freezing them for later. Use the recipe below and create a week's worth of grab and go deliciousness.


Freezer Breakfast Burrito 

Calories: 333, Carbs 50g, Protein 16, Fat 8g,

Servings: 6


Six 8" whole grain or gluten-free tortillas fa

6 large egg

5 whole baby potatoes chopped 

1 cup cooked and rinsed pinto beans 

1 tablespoon of olive oil 

½ cup chopped cilantro, divided

6 tablespoons of your favorite salsa 

1 large avocado, diced (optional, if you're serving the burritos right away)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and line a baking sheet. Add potatoes and red pepper to the baking sheet, drizzle with oil, salt, and pepper, and toss to combine — Bake for 15-22 minutes or until slightly crispy.
  2.  Crack the eggs into a medium bowl and whisk them with a fork. Stir in the beans and season with the salt and little hot sauce 
  3. Pour in the egg mixture a skillet on medium heat and cook. Set aside mixture.
  4. Warm tortillas on a skillet or microwave. 
  5. Add 6 portions of the potatoes, egg mixture, cilantro, and a bit of salsa.
  6. Roll up the burrito by first folding the tortilla over from the bottom to partially cover the contents, then fold in the two sides. Place seam side down. Continue until all toppings are used up - about 6 full burritos.
  7. If you're serving the burritos right away, top with warm salsa and sliced avocado. 

*If you're freezing the burritos for later: Place the burritos on a parchment- or wax-paper-lined baking sheet, not touching one another, and put them in the freezer. After they're frozen solid, take them off the tray and pile them into a freezer-safe container or bag and return them to the fridge, and remove as needed. Reheat in the oven or microwave if you are low on time.

This Recipe was created by CINCH Nutrition specialist Kourtney Danielson

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