Ginna Hendricks Overcomes Fear and Wins Her Ride

Ginna Hendricks Overcomes Fear and Wins Her Ride


At CINCH, we love to teach people the sport of cycling, regardless of their skill or ability level. Last July, Ginna Hendricks came to the CINCH CON•CEPT training camp for a holiday in France, while her husband Kris Hendricks was attending the camp for training. During this time Ginna decided that the sport of cycling actually looked like a really good time, and she started cycling for the first time in her life, on an E-Bike. Ginna instantly fell in love with the freedom of cycling and the feeling of personal progress after each workout from overcoming the challenges, and winning every ride.

The thought of entering a competitive environment for most people that own bicycles, is very rare, and only a small percentage of people that own bikes, will participate in a real race. Taking the start line of an event takes courage, but taking the start line of a State Championship race takes LOTS of courage, and that's where Ginna Hendricks started out with her first criterium, this past weekend in New Mexico. Ginna has transformed her body and mind over the course of the past year, so much to the point that she earned herself a Bronze Medal at the State Criterium Championships finishing 3rd of 3 riders in her category. 

At CINCH we are process driven, not results focused, so for us the big win here was that Ginna went from her first rides on a E-Bike, to racing State Criterium Championships, and finishing the race! The story of overcoming physical and mental challenges is inspiring, and Ginna decided to make a post in the CINCH Cycling mobile app after her race, so we thought it would be great to share it with you here on the blog. 

"I think I might be finally over my fear of coming in last.  Up until a couple of years ago my theory was that if I couldn’t do something really well, it wasn’t worth doing at all.  I was afraid to look stupid and awkward and felt like life was too short to waste my time doing something I sucked at.  Anyway, I had to start letting go of that unproductive mindset a while back when I started trying to learn to ski and surf, and then a year ago when I got inspired on the Cinch camp in France to try to start cycling, I had to let it all go.   

This weekend I summoned up all my courage and did the Crit and Road Race at the NM State Championships.  It was my first ever Crit and I knew it was going to be hard.  There were only three cat 5 women, and I came in 3rd.  Last and on the podium!  And at the road race I got dropped by the other 4 cat 5s and did 36 of the 37 miles by myself and came in last. But I rode to the best of my ability and utilized all my skills.

It’s still a little hard to swallow, trying so hard and coming in last, but I’m really proud of myself for being willing to put myself out there--even if it means coming in last--so that I can make progress and get better."

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