How To Optimize Your Process For Better Rides

How To Optimize Your Process For Better Rides


Do you ever feel like getting on the bike is a mission? Too many things to sort out before you actually clip in? 

We've all been in that situation where there is a set "window" to get on the bike, time is precious and every minute counts. I bet you've even been in the situation where the LESS time you have the MORE things need sorting out- your Garmin needs charging, you can't decide on a route, the kit is still in the drier, you can't find any nutrition bars, etc, the list goes on... There is nothing worse than having good intentions only to have to cut your ride short because of poor organization.

I've learned that nothing beats having a slick process, one that you can repeat day in day out that minimizes the stress and time taken to go from office to bike.

Here are a few of those tips to help optimize yours;


- Check your workout in advance and correlate your drills with the best terrain possible, depending on their length, intensity and how much time you have. This will prevent the inevitable; "umm where shall I go today" internal conversation.

- At the end of each ride check your bike over quickly (like less than 1 minute) to make sure it doesn't need any attention; no obvious slow punctures, adequate oil on the chain, and put your Garmin/ Wahoo on charge! (I should really follow my own tips as I never have a charged Garmin)!!!

- Store your helmet, gloves, glasses in the same place every day to avoid the panic trying to find everything.

- The night before your next ride check the weather and make sure all the kit you need is washed, dried and in a place you can find it! Sounds too anal I know, but trust me it saves a tonne of time!

- If you're doing a set workout and rely on good old "decorator tape" on the top-tube then write this out in advance. Sure you can multi-task and do this whilst eating dinner or breakfast.

These may sound obvious, a bit basic, and to an outsider pretty anal; but I promise it will avoid the bind panic/ genuine frustration when something gets in the way of PRECIOUS bike time!

This Article was written by coach Sophie Johnson

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