How To STOP GIVING UP on Yourself

How To STOP GIVING UP on Yourself

“There’s nothing good back there.”

 This is a powerful saying I coach with at CINCH.

While this phrase originally came from the sport of cycling, it can also have a very powerful effect off of the bike.

“There’s nothing good back there” refers to the moments when you feel the pressure is too much, where the pain feels too deep, where the struggle feels like it has been going on too long, or where the fear you have is starting to overwhelm you.

When you feel these things above, you are on track for a huge breakthrough mentally, physically, and or emotionally.

But most of us never get that breakthrough because we “sit up.” We pause for a moment to relieve that pressure that seems just too much.

From experience both personally and in sport, this is the moment you have been waiting for and working towards! Your breakthrough is right there ahead of you, not behind you. You can’t see it because the pain is overwhelming you, but it’s there for you to seize. The breakthrough you want ONLY comes after this moment!

When you “sit up” you not only get “dropped” from opportunity, but everything now gets 100x harder. You were “in position” for success, and now you are left behind “chasing” what you could have had.  This is the WORST pain ever!  What most do not realize is that they now are doing the same amount or more work as before in the “front” with MORE PAIN now in the back!

Never sit up again, because “There’s Nothing Good Back There.” 

Instead use this phrase to fight through the pain, struggle, and adversity knowing what lies on the other side for you.


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