The 2020 CINCH National Cycling Championships

The 2020 CINCH National Cycling Championships

The 2020 CINCH National Championship is four test series that will crown the best overall CINCH Champion for 2020.  The CINCH National Champion will be the rider, male and female in their respective age group, who has the highest total point score after four specific tests.  The winners of each division, men and women, will be awarded the coveted jersey of National Champion which can be worn for one year until the 2021 National Championships Oct 24th, 2021.

The four tests will commence October 19th at 12 am MDT and conclude October 24th by 11:59 pm MDT.  They can be completed anytime during this period to count towards the National Title.

The Four Tests that make up the 2020 CINCH Championships are:

Test 1 -  Fitness Power Control

Test 2 -  Nutrition 

Test 3 -  Execution

Test 4  - Strategy

Riders may complete the tests inside or outdoors, however, ALL TESTS must be completed the same (all inside or outside).  This is to ensure that it is as level as a play field as possible.  For example, the power control test may be easier for some indoors, while the strategy  test inside may be more difficult for the same riders.  It is all personal preference and I encourage to be resourceful with what you have.  We will all have our advantages and disadvantages in each of these tests.


*Coaches may NOT give advice on answers to questions in the Tests, and or strategies during Oct 19-24.  

*CINCH Coaches are NOT eligible age group for the national titles, they must enter the Pro category.

*If you are not a US Citizen you may compete and win the National title if you choose. Our dream is that as we grow we will have a Championship for members of all countries!  Right now there are not enough riders from each country to make jerseys for all countries.   


2020 CINCH National Championship Categories (Male/Female)


Under 23

23 - 30

31 - 40

41 - 50

51- 60

61 - 70


2020 CINCH National Championship Tests


Test 1 - Fitness Power Control (45 pts possible)

This test will look at your Power Control ability in each of the PowerTrain Zone groups: Endurance, Threshold, Explosive.  We will be looking at your Power Control in three contexts in each zone group: Pure Control, Speed Carry, and Flood Control.

Pure control is your control holding a single zone.  Speed carry is your control transitioning down from an acceleration to a lower zone to hold the speed.  Flood control, while the name sounds funny, is your ability to control the ceiling on acceleration (and thus preventing a flood of lactate that is impossible to clear).

This test is all about SD scores as well as controlled transitions without floor drops. 

Part I -  Pure Control (Medium, Threshold, Explosive)

Part II -  Speed Carry - Transitional Control Down  (Floor SD score)

Part III - Flood Protection - Transition Control Up (Ceiling SD)


Test 2 - Nutrition Exam (60 pts possible)

This test will look at your depth and understanding in the CINCH 3 Sigma Nutrition System.  Each question is multiple choice so please select the BEST possible answer as it pertains to the 3 Sigma Nutrition System. 

20 Questions (3 pts each)


Test 3 - Execution (70 pts Possible)

This test, which is laid out as a race simlulation with THREE climbs, finishing on the final climb, will look at your ability to execute the key skills of Cadence Control, Separation, and Transitional Control.  


Test 4  - Strategy (100 pts Possible)

This final day will decide the championship where you will have to decide the right winning move to make and execute it well. This test will look at your ASD, Ability, Skill, and Direction in a race scendario.  This day is ONLY scored on the RACE CLOSE section, however you must complete the Race Open and Race Flow in order for your Race Close effort to be counted.

This test will be simulating a race that is flat.  The wind conditions are headwind for the majority of the race until it turns and the last 5 kilometers to the finish line are tailwind.

You must conserve energy all day and then in the final choose the best option and do your best effort to try and win the test!


A sign up sheet will be released this Friday on the app and in email.  You must sign up in order to compete for the CINCH National Championship.

Not a CINCH Member? Don't worry, click HERE for more information on our programs. 


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