3 Benefits of Structured Workouts

Structured workouts are by far the fastest way for an athlete to progress their ability both physical, and mentally. Here are our top 3 benefits of structured workouts.

The right coach will always have you progressing on different components of your cycling. Most people think cycling is just about fitness, but there are many more moving parts to the wonderful sport of cycling. If you're going to become a better rider, then you're going to need to train in a system that will help you develop all components of your cycling, and structured workouts are the foundation of this. At CINCH, we coach our athletes in what we call the 4 Pillars of FORM; Fitness, Nutrition, Focus, and Execution. We've found that our athletes who dedicate to excellence in all 4 pillars, in synergy, achieve the best results. 

Structured workouts provide an athlete with purpose and direction. Knowing what your workout is designed to develop will not only give you the clarity you need for extra motivation but will help keep you checked into the workout at all times, with the end goal of developing a specific component of your cycling in mind. 

An athletes confidence in their process is one of the most important components when it comes to performance in races and on group rides. Training in a structured workout system will give you the process that will build confidence in your abilities.

Ultimately, Consistent, Purpose Driven Workouts will give you the confidence you need to achieve the performances that you're after.  


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