Build The Right Zones To Win Your Rides

Build The Right Zones To Win Your Rides

If you've ever watched a bike race on TV, in person, or have done any sort of competive group riding be it racing or not, then you have probably realized that cycling is not a steady state sport. There are pace changes, attacks, corners, hills, and non stop disruption. But still, all the cycling coaching systems today are built around having athletes do steady state intervals. The problem with this training is that races and rides are won in the chaotic and disruptive moments of the events. Athletes need to train their bodies in repetition in these defining moments to become good when it matters most. While someone that grows through the youth racing ranks and transitions into the professional system, will build the required power zones and skills almost organically, that just doesn't happen on it's own for 99% of people that ride bikes. 

So what about everyone else? What about people who got into the sport a little bit later, or someone that has no desire to be a pro racer, but does want to be an awesome cyclist. Is there a solution that will actually build the required zones, body positions, and technique executions that a person would need to be competitive in races, or on group rides if they don't race? Yes! It's Called CINCH. It's actually amazing how over the course of the past 4 years we've tought people the real sport of cycling regardless of their age, or ability level. Through practicing our interactive intervals athletes build the ability to handle cadence changes, surges, different terrain, and all the disruption that a competitive enviroment can present. 

One of the unique components of CINCH coaching is that Tom Danielson has developed the program from years of racing at the highest level of the sport, and he has built the system to train peoples bodies to handle these disruptive moments of cycling, using his proprietary Power Train Zones. While you might be saying "I don't need that, because I don't race." We've actually found that our athletes find these workouts not only challenging, but a lot more fun than steady state interval training. So if your struggling in the more competitive enviroments try breaking it down, and working on different components of the sport one at a time. 

In the Video Below Tom will explain the 11 Power Train zones that our athletes train to progress in the sport of cycling. This video is a small part of our video course collection on the CINCH Cycling Mobile app that our members have acess to. We've found that video courses help our athletes learn at a faster rate, and we're all about progress at CINCH.  


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