Focus - Mental Performance


Ride with the champion’s mind.

We believe that mastering your mind and emotions is key to unlocking new potential in your body. Using our FORM Performance Method we will coach you to new levels of mental performance by creating a solid mindset foundation. This includes developing the ability to create useful emotional states on demand, reframing limiting beliefs about yourself and developing Proactive and Reactive mental processes for you on and off the bike.  

We see the mental performance in two parts. We educate and coach you in the following Mindset areas: 

Mental Drive

  • How to create a razor-sharp focus on demand.
  • How to “check-in” and “check-out.”
  • How to find your purpose with the sport of cycling.  
  • How to better understand how the sport of cycling benefits your life.
  • How to create goals that will lead you towards the outcome you want.
  • How to create a feeling of fulfillment from your progress.
  • How hard work and determination always prevail.
  • How to ignite passion in your life.
  • How to improve the relationship you have with yourself.
  • How to improve your self-accountability.
  • How to be resourceful to find success with what you have.
  • How to create inspiration from within.
  • How to pursue constant progression.

Mental Toughness

  • How to overcome fear and anxiety.
  • How to process and use failure to progress forward.
  • How to pivot under times of stress.
  • How to use ownership to overcome disappointment.
  • How to take calculated risks.
  • How to enjoy the journey to not obsess about the destination.
  • How to create hope in the face of despair.
  • How to transform pain into progress.
  • How to use cycling to release stress.
  • How to use breathing techniques to control physical states.
  • How to use gratitude to optimize your ability to endure hard work and sacrifice.
  • How to improve your self-confidence.
  • How to manage feelings of vulnerability.
  • How to have a positive relationship with competition.

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