Execution - Technique and Skill Work

Technique and skill that makes a difference.

We have found that some of the biggest gains can be found in the technical area of both pedaling and controlling your bike. Cycling performance is as much about neuromuscular ability and efficiency as it is about strength and endurance.

We educate and coach you in the following Execution areas: 

  • How to produce the optimal pedal stroke technique both seated and standing to create the most power.
  • How to use body position to control effort, power, and speed on all terrains.
  • How to use cadence to accelerate, carry speed, decelerate, and maximize efficiency.
  • How to be strategic using zones, cadences, and body positions to optimally use energy on all different terrains and competitive scenarios.
  • How to use the concept of surfing the terrain, to create and maintain speed in key places and moments.

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